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We provide lighting services including interior and exterior lighting installation and repair, monthly lighting inspections, and maintenance for Commercial and Industrial Business Owners and Property Managers.

We do not offer residential lighting services.

Our Lighting Services Include:

Interior Lighting:

Lighting Maintenance

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Lighting Repairs

Lighting Installation

Recessed Can and Accent Lighting

Ceiling or High Area Dusting

Show Room Lighting

Suspended Lighting Systems

LED Light Installation

Ballast Repair

Lighting Removal

Lighting Safety Inspections

Exterior Lighting:

Wallpacks, Canopies, & Light Poles

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Lighting Repairs

Lighting Installation

Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Audit

Lens Cleaning

Landscape Lighting

Security Lighting

Motion Detection Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Flood Lights

LED Light Installation

Lighting Removal

Rusted or Damaged Light Pole Repair

Rusted or Damaged Light Pole Replacement

Flagpole Repair

Flagpole Lighting

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Services

Effective, safe, and reliable lighting is critical to tenants, employees, and customers, as well as business visibility.

With our bucket trucks and scissor lifts, our technicians can reach a height a 43' for tall parking lot poles, building wall packs, and warehouse lighting. We've even provided aircraft hangar lighting!

From repairing, replacing, LED retrofitting, or installing new lighting for aesthetics, energy savings, lumen output, or illuminating a dark corner, our lighting technicians are experts in addressing the needs of our clients.

light replacement in airplane hangar
light installations from bucket truck
car dealership lighting
light repair bucket truck
flagpole lighting
ballast repair

"Wanted to thank you again for the quick response to our need. John just completed the work. He did a great job and he’s a pleasure to work with! Thanks again."

Gary Del Vecchio, VP of Manufacturing Operations MedAire, Inc.

Monthly Lighting Inspections & Maintenance

Drive by any commercial property at night and you have an immediate perception.

  • Do you feel safe/unsafe
  • Is it welcoming/unwelcoming
  • Are the parking areas and walkways clearly marked/unmarked
  • Does it look well-kept/run down. 

Would you want to work there? Do you want to do business there?

Tenants, their employees, and customers are attracted to well-lit properties that provide:

  • Direction (signs, walkway lighting, entry lighting)
  • Safety (building exterior and parking)
  • The feeling that it’s a reputable and dependable place of business (lights that are on and working properly vs. lights that are turned off, burned out, or missing)
lighting maintenance bucket trucks

Our monthly lighting inspection service provides owners and property managers an exterior lighting maintenance solution.  After an initial assessment of the property lighting, we maintain the products on our trucks. 

Once a month, we drive through the property with our bucket trucks, usually at night when lights are on.  Outages are fixed by replacing or repairing fixture issues. 

Occasionally lighting repair requires the use of our scissor lift and, rarely, a special lamp or part must be ordered, but we are on it.

Contracting for our monthly lighting inspection saves in two ways:

  1. You pay a monthly inspection fee instead of charges for labor and bucket truck or scissor lift usage to reach high fixtures.

  1. We charge only for materials used when needed to maintain property lighting. If no outages are seen, we will report "no outages," and only the inspection fee is invoiced.

With our monthly lighting inspection, the Alameda Electric team works in partnership with your team to represent your property in the best possible way.  

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